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Our very first Fever night style spooky game! Took 3 weeks to make doesn't look like it, but it's true! That E button doesn't want to co-operate, so smash it. Smash it goood.

Game lasts from 5-10 mins. 



Ps. Updated to version 1.01 to fix some rather embarrasing bugs/lazyness / confusing bugs. That ending should be clearer. 

Should be.


Install instructions

1. Download.

2. Unpack

3. Start from "Suutari"

4. Regret


ShoeMakerFull 1.01.rar 155 MB


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SKIP TO 7:27!!!

Hey cheers man! Thanks for the video!

Well, that was little weird. Not bad, my only complaint is that it's not clear when you reach the end so I restarted a lot thinking I was missing something.


You are very much correct! That ending was incredibly rushed to self set ( and bit ridiculous) deadline! Cheers for playing it!


Played this because i thought  it was a sock puppet. It wasn't a sock puppet but i was still satisfied. Please make more of this because i'm looking forward to a sequel XD 

Your game starts at 11:30

You know what. That thumbnail alone is so glorious that why the heck not. We changed our plans and start  making a better sequel next week to this instead! Cheers for the video!

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This fills me with the great joy! I can't wait to see my Enrique again 

Very strange but it still got me at least once! S

tarts at 10:31!

Thanks! So nice to see your take on it! We are just as weirded out by it as you were! 

lol I love that


Neat Game!

Cheers BlackFox!


That was fun! Made you a video: 

So nice of you to do a video of it! 




I liked how humor based this game is, it was horror based at times when we accidentally didn't get to the gate in time, hah.

Hey! Thanks a bunch for the video!


Cheers for making a video!